The land, The territory, The tradition

The dishes and ingredients reflect the memory and history of the region.
The cuisine was passed from mothers, whose sons and daughters
handed down with love and respect of religion and tradition.


Our Dishes

Oasis Sapori Antichi dishes use foods derived from local sources using traditions and information of the territory
passed on through the generations.
Recipes unite the tradition of simplicity and refinement that are sure to surprise even the most demanding of palates.
The Oasis kitchen bustles with aromas, hot stoves and busy grandmothers laboring over pasta and local produce.

The Dining Room

Welcome to our romantic and serene dining room.
You will enjoy a warm, comfortable yet elegant atmosphere
where the traditional local Irpinian specialties will be presented with the pride of the Fischetti family.

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“A passion handed down in the taste of the past”

Our Menu

Tasting menu

Season’s soup
Fresh pasta
Main course

€ 70.00

­ with wine pairing € 95.00

Ancient Lunch

Selection of soups from our ancient tradition
Fresh pasta
Main course

€ 60.00
with wine pairing € 85.00

First Courses

Two traditional soups
Fresh pasta

€ 50.00
­ with wine pairing € 75.00

Business Lunch

Fresh pasta
Main course

€ 25.00
con abbinamento vini ­ € 50.00



€ 20.00 * half portion € 15.00

House specials
Ricottina di Fuscella, black pepper jowl bacon, ham, roasted pork with seasonal vegetables and sweet cheese.

*Veal carpaccio, salt flower, tomatoes, burrata, citrus fruits and truffle.

Fried egg, potatoes, lemon and Irpinia truffle.

Vegetable tartàre, crispy wafer, ginger and Camembert

*Cod, tomatoes and lavender.


€ 15.00 * half portion € 10.00

Season’s proposal

First courses

€ 20.00 * half portion € 15.00

* Ravioli with ricotta, walnut sauce and burned garlic (1988)

* Ravioli with burrata, wild herbs, Manteca campana and black truffle from Bagnoli Irpino

*Candele (broken by hand), white rabbit ragù and friggitelli peppers

Spaghetti alla chitarra: baked tomatoes, wild oregano and Ciletto cacioricotta

Marinara risotto with Menaica anchovies (minimum 2 people)

Main courses

€ 25.00 * half portion € 18.00

* Pork: smoked purple eggplant and Passito di Fiano

*Cod and zucchini alla scapece

*Guinea fowl, leek and orange

*Rabbit: baked Ferrandina olives and sour black cherries

*Cappello del Prete: carrot, hazelnuts and citrus

€ 30.00

Lamb in two firings



€ 15.00

Mosaic of cheese with preserves


€ 10.00

Trilogy of sorbets

Ice Creams

€ 10.00

Raspberry culì, vanilla ice cream and crunchy chocolate

Passion fruit, caramel ice cream and salted biscuit


€ 12.00

Millefoglie pastry with home-made cream, hazelnut and wild black cherries.

Ricotta: pear, lime and caramel

Crunchy with pistachio, white chocolate and raspberries

Shortcrust pastry: Lemon cream and basi

Pineapple ravioli, mascarpone chantilly, cocoa grue and fragolino restricted

The Winery

There is not star that equalizes the redhead star that the man turns on in his hearth and there is not river that equalizes the red river of the man, the good wine.
“Gilbert Keith Chesterton.”
The Service of the wines is taken care of by the Sommeliers Pietro, Carmine and Nicola Fischetti

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